Please read through each stage below to familiarise yourself with the pattern imprinted concrete installation process.

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The driveway is excavated to a depth of 200mm. Then 100mm of type 1 road stone is added and compacted.

  • Cleared and compacted


All of the necessary drainage and shuttering is installed.


Concrete is delivered to site and is either barrowed or pumped onto the driveway. The concrete is levelled to a depth of 100mm and screeded taking particular care of water drainage into drains and planters. Once screeded the concrete surface is hand troweled to a smooth finish.

  • Concrete barrowed
  • Concrete is poured and screeded
  • Concrete is screeded
  • Concrete is troweled smooth


Colour hardener is hand cast onto the concrete surface and re-applied until thoroughly coloured. It is then hand troweled to a smooth finish.

  • Colour hardener is cast
  • Colour hardener is hand troweled
  • Colour hardener is hand troweled
  • Colour hardener is hand troweled
  • Colour hardener is finished


Once the concrete is reasonably firm, release agent is applied and imprinting mats are aligned with the house and the imprinting process begins.

Once the imprinting process is completed the driveway is left for 24/48hours to cure.

  • The release agent is applied
  • The mats are aligned
  • The concrete imprinting begins
  • The concrete imprinting
  • The concrete imprinting
  • The concrete imprinting
  • The concrete imprinting
  • The concrete imprinting


Once the concrete is firm enough for pedestrian's, the driveway is cleaned with a pressure washer, and expansion joints are manually cut into concrete to help prevent cracking.


The site is cleaned and tidied.

We then leave your driveway for another 48 hours and as long as the concrete surface is dry, we apply an acrylic sealant to protect the concrete, enhance its colour and prevent stains.

  • The driveway installation is complete


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I used Centreprint Driveways to install a patio at my house in Sedgley.

Paul visited me for the quotation. He explained the process and options of the job in detail. His quotation was very competitive so I asked him to carry out the work.

It was completed in six days and once finished, I was very happy with the final result...very good.

Carl Greenaway
Sedgley, Wolverhampton

I had my driveway done by Centreprint Driveways and I found them a hardworking, professional team.

They listened to what I wanted and explained what they would do to achieve it.

My driveway looks lovely and people ask me for their number. I can't recommend them highly enough.

My driveway looks great, one very happy customer.

Jacky Lewis

Thanks Paul for an amazing new driveway. You and your team have done an excellent job and it is worth every penny.

Danny Chesterman
Gornal, Dudley

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